Delivery and terms



Delivery is generally provided by a consolidated transport. That means that driver will help You to unload the tabletop from the truck, but not to bring it to Your home.

Approximate prices for delivery from Tallinn to Finland

As an example, here was taken tabletop 40-1000-2000 mm (Thickness-Width-Length).

The price includes VAT (20%), for Finnish companies we can provide VAT zero invoice.

To get accurate price please send us Your inquiry.

Helsinki     72 eur
Espoo    72 eur
Hämeenlinna  84 eur
Joensuu  126 eur
Jyväskylä    114 eur
Kouvola  84 eur
Kuopio   126 eur
Lahti    84 eur
Lappeenranta     108 eur
Oulu     180 eur
Pori     108 eur
Tampere  96 eur
Turku    90 eur
Vaasa    132 eur
Vantaa   72 eur

Vat zero invoice

1. NB! All prices on our website include VAT (Käibemaks). It is 20% in Estonia.

2. If your company is in EU, but outside of Estonia, we can provide you the invoice with zero VAT.

3. Your company must have a valid VAT-number. The purchased goods must be exported outside of Estonia and are intended for use outside Estonia.

4. To calculate the cost without VAT you need to divide the price by 1,2.


120 Euro - price with VAT

120 Euro / 1,2 = 100 Euro
- price without VAT